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Head-quartered in Sunnyvale, California, Digital-X offers an array of Operational and Technical Services. Digital-X has Design Centers in both Sunnyvale, California and Bangalore, India.

Digital-X delivers the best and total solution for our Clients by focusing on their business objectives, timelines, and constraints. Our experienced Executive team leverages its extensive technical and operational work experience to facilitate our Client’s success.

System Design Solutions

Designing Systems requires a disciplined approach to ensure that the final outcome meets the requirements, follows industry standards, is extensible, is reproducible, is verifiable and is supportable. Digital-X has successfully delivered 1000+ system designs and understands the shortfalls that can plague a project that does not follow a disciplined process. Our Consultants follow a distinct set of concepts, methodologies, and organizational structures that have been developed over time. Our System Engineers are trained to implement popular tools including USL, UML, QFD, and IDEFO. Our objective is to to ensure that the projects meet their technical requirements, costs, schedules, and operational objectives.

Over the years, we have successfully helped our Clients implement System Engineering practices. Our practices help our Clients focus on how to design and manage complex engineering projects over their life cycles. We approach all new designs with a holistic approach. We start with the requirements and then we review the goals for the final product. Next, we perform a functional decomposition of the system into simpler and autonomous subparts having well defined interfaces. This simplifies the development activities for each of the team members that are involved.

At Digital-X, we understand that System Engineering is a discipline that is developed over time. We engage in collaborative, on-the-job training to ensure that our Clients are successful in adopting the System Engineering practices and that the project is a positive experience for all members. Over time, we will assist our Client in optimizing the process to fit their needs.

With Digital-X as your partner, we bring with us our broad experience that spans multiple programs, different industries and companies of different sizes. Further, we bring our broad experience in System designs, Product designs and Services which qualifies us to assist our Clients and to help them meet their goals.

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