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Head-quartered in Sunnyvale, California, Digital-X offers an array of Operational and Technical Services. Digital-X has Design Centers in both Sunnyvale, California and Bangalore, India.

Digital-X delivers the best and total solution for our Clients by focusing on their business objectives, timelines, and constraints. Our experienced Executive team leverages its extensive technical and operational work experience to facilitate our Client’s success.

Hardware, Semiconductor, ASIC, and FPGA Design

Designing electronic hardware is a complex activity and requires unique knowledge about the applications. The rules and tools are different for implementing board level designs, Semiconductors, ASICS and FPGAs. For board level designs, one must be current with the latest Safety and Emissions standards. For all designs, one cannot ignore the life expectancy and environmental conditions that the product will be exposed to. Our Consultants have successfully delivered 1000+ designs and they understand the different CAD, Circuit Emulations and modeling tools. Our objective is to to ensure that the projects meet their technical requirements, costs, schedules, and functional objectives.

Over the years, we have successfully provided our Clients with hardware solutions. We approach all new designs with a holistic approach. We start with the requirement documents, identify the subparts, resolve the interfaces, document our findings, and then review this with the rest of the team. Our disciplined design approach has been adopted by many of our Clients.

At Digital-X, we realize that the hardware design is only as good as its testing. Our team of Verification, QA and Test consultants will document and track all tests and issues identified. During development, they work closely with the design engineers to prioritize and resolve issues as they arise. They will also create Release Notes input for each release that accurately describes known issues.

With Digital-X as your partner, we bring with us our broad experience that spans multiple programs, different industries and companies of different sizes. Further, we bring our broad experience in System designs, Product designs and Services which qualifies us to assist our Clients and to help them meet their goals.

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Board, ASIC and FPGA Design

  • Board Level Design and Verification
  • RF, Analog, Digital Analog
  • ASIC, FPGA, CPLD, Xilinx, Altera
  • High Speed interface Design
  • Physical Design, IC Layout, Floor Planning
  • Mixed Signal, Digital/Analog CMOS, BICMOS
  • Cadence Tools/Orcad, Mentor Graphics, HSPICE, Place/Route
  • Power Supplies

Front-End Designs Verification Back-End Design
RTL Design and Synthesis, Gate Level Simulation • Environment Design& Development
• Test Plan & test case generation
• Module/chip/system level verification
• System modeling
• Bus functional models creation
• Functional and Code coverage analysis
• Verification Languages - Verilog, VHDL,
C / C++, SystemC, Specman, e VERA, System Verilog

OVM, VMM, UVM, eRM, Simulation tools from Synopsys, Cadence, & Mentor Graphics.
• Physical synthesis
• Static Timing Analysis (STA)
• Hierarchical floorplanning and design partitioning
• Place & Route
• Physical optimization and timing closure
• Signal integrity and power analysis
• Low Power Optimization
• Physical verification

FLOW: Magma and Synopsys, Cadence and Mentor Graphics.
• Modeling and Analysis
• Design Partitioning and implementation
• Synthesis & STA
• DFT – scan, BIST, JTAG, ATPG
• Verilog and VHDL

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